Friday - April 21, 2023

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DRS UPDATE: 58.53%* (estimated percent of GME shares direct registered)

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Good Morning! This is Mother Squeezer, the newsletter that addresses the elephant in the room and brings you updates and insights along with timely information about our favorite Activist InvestorRyan Cohen, and our favorite stocks - GME and BBBY.

Yesterday, Ryan Cohen tweeted and mainstream media is at it again...


So what's really going on? Let's go back to the S-1 Bed Bath & Beyond released on April 11:

Sue warned us that information provided by third parties "may not be reliable or accurate" and "may contain misleading, incomplete or otherwise damaging information which could influence trading activity in our stock".

And you know what? She was right. The stock has been pushed down to...well, peanuts.

We plan to sit tight and wait to see what next week brings. We seem to be in the home stretch and things are about to get exciting!

Bed Bath and Beyond

Thursday Recap: BBBY traded between a low of $0.28 and a high of $0.40 before closing at $0.30. Trading volume was 343.06 million shares.

Cost to borrow: There were 1,100,000 shares available to borrow this morning and as of now, 400,000 remain. The cost to borrow has remained elevated at 14.7%. 

Pre market: Bed Bath and Beyond is trading up $0.01 to $0.30 an increase of 0.20% on over 9 million volume.

Max pain: The current max pain for BBBY has remained at $0.50.


Thursday Recap: GME traded between a low of $20.06 and a high of $21.57 before closing at $20.22. Trading volume was 2.98 million shares.

Cost to borrow: There were 600,000 shares available earlier this morning. Currently there are 250,000 remaining. The cost to borrow has remained elevated at 10.1%.

Pre market: GameStop is trading up $0.03 to $20.25 an increase of 0.15% on around 8 thousand volume.

Max pain: The current max pain for GME has remained at $22.50.

Did you know?

Elephants have little protruding “fingers” on their trunks to grasp things. The "fingers" are not actually called fingers, but rather they are referred to as "proboscis".

The proboscis is a long, muscular, flexible appendage that contains thousands of muscle units and is used by elephants to breathe, smell, touch, grasp, and manipulate objects. The proboscis is a highly specialized structure that is unique to elephants, and it is considered one of the most versatile and complex organs in the animal kingdom.

An Interesting Result

We wanted to experiment this morning with Google's AI tool, "Bard". We asked it if Brett Icahn was invested in BBBY. 

We then asked to see the letter.

We then asked for a link to the letter.

We can't confirm the accuracy because the links to the SEC website appear to be private or incorrect but found this extremely interesting!

It would support our theory of Carl and/or Brett Icahn being involved with a merger/acquisition/takeover of Bed Bath & Beyond and spinning out buybuy Baby to Ryan Cohen. We'll continue to monitor to see if more develops on this theory.

Ryan Says

Ryan tweeted this yesterday at 4:20:

Hmmm, what could he be saying here?

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