Wednesday - April 19, 2023

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DRS UPDATE: 54.83%* (estimated percent of GME shares direct registered)

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Good Morning! This is Mother Squeezer, the newsletter that celebrates personal and financial goals and brings you updates and insights along with timely information about our favorite Activist InvestorRyan Cohen, and our favorite stocks - GME and BBBY.

Since we're still waiting for our financial goals to be realized, today we celebrate something personal...

Today marks 5 years together for the Missus and I. We had no idea that 5 years ago we'd be so entrenched with Ryan Cohen, Bed Bath & Beyond and GameStop. Today it has become a daily conversation and we are thrilled to be a part of the movement.

Here is our very first photo before we even knew we were going places together (from left to right Me, the Missus and our great friend "John G" in Long Beach, California).

Here's to at least 5 more 🥂.

The chatter with Teddy Holdings has been up-trending and the price of BBBY has been climbing with insane volume the past 2 days and we don't expect it to dwindle. This too could be the beginning of something special.

This pre-market volume once again is exciting, let's see if this uptrend continues!

Bed Bath and Beyond

Tuesday Recap: BBBY traded between a low of $0.30 and a high of $0.35 before closing at $0.34. Trading volume was 306.54 million shares.

Cost to borrow: There were 4,100,000 shares available to borrow this morning and as of now, 1,800,000 remain. The cost to borrow has remained elevated at 16.9%. 

Pre market: Bed Bath and Beyond is trading up $0.11 to $0.46 an increase of 31.02% on over 50 million volume.

Max pain: The current max pain for BBBY has remained at $0.50.


Tuesday Recap: GME traded between a low of $21.50 and a high of $22.32 before closing at $21.61. Trading volume was 2.75 million shares.

Cost to borrow: There were 500,000 shares available earlier this morning. Currently there are 100,000 remaining. The cost to borrow has remained elevated at 11.2%.

Pre market: GameStop is trading down $0.21 to $21.40 a decrease of 0.97% on around 12 thousand volume.

Max pain: The current max pain for GME has remained at $22.50.

Did you know?

Bed Bath & Beyond has a great assortment of Anniversary gifts. Be sure to check them out when it's your turn to celebrate!

"Make-Whole Calls"

u/Region-Formal brings us some more analysis this morning, taking a deeper look into make-whole call provisions that provides further evidence of M&A.

A more in-depth look at the academic research into "Make Whole Calls" also firmly points to BBBY conducting these last week in preparation for a Private Buyout, M&A or Spin-Off

Read the full discussion here.

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